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Corporate Social Responsibility

Enablers Property Services Pvt. Ltd. is committed to making a difference in the local communities. We are firm believers that business must give back to the communities they serve. Our moral and ethical obligation is to contribute to the well-being of our communities. Our goal is to provide opportunity to people with limited or no skills or education to be able to live a decent and respectful life. Enablers hires, imparts training and provides career paths to people form the lowest strata of the society. Our hiring program not only guarantees them a respectable job, but also social security in terms of medical and life insurance. Our endeavor is to provide them a platform to earn a sustainable livelihood, acquire skills and give them opportunities for career progression. The workforce at Enablers, come from not only the cities and the outskirts, but also from far flung areas of the country.

Further, nearly 40% of our staff is women, who are able to live a respectable life themselves while also bringing financial stability to their families. This ensures better health, education and living standard within the family and due respect in the community. Enablers also work with local elders, leaders and social workers to reach out to the people in need. Enablers continue to grow because of their dedicated staff who are efficient and loyal to the company.