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What We Do    | What We Can Do For You

Benchmarking with the best in the globe and with a missionary zeal, Enablers Property Services Pvt. Ltd. provides world class Facility Management Services for the Indian corporate world. Our portfolio of services includes housekeeping, basic cleaning, specialized cleaning, pest control, waste management, vendor management, mail room services, mechanical and electrical maintenance, staffing solutions and more. The services are offered individually or integrated to provide Total Facility Management Solutions. Whatever be the option, our services are always tailored to suit your business needs.

Services    | What We Can Do For You

Housekeeping Service
Kitchen Hygiene
Waste Management
Pantry Service
Guest House Management
Mattress Cleaning
Bathroom Cleaning
Sofa Cleaning
Glass Cleaning


Ultra Violet (UV) treatment to kill germs and allergens.
Dust Extraction using HEPA filter vacuum to extract dust and allergens.
Shampoo using 90% Foam, 10% moisture for effective cleaning and quick drying.
Moisture extraction using injection-extraction machines


Cleaning using water-based cleaners (depending on the leather type) to remove dirt-marks.
Conditioning using leather conditioners for softness and shine.

Dust extraction using HEPA filter vacuum
Shampoo using 90% foam and 10% moisture.
Moisture extraction using injection-extraction machines

Ultra Violet treatment (UV Treatment) to kill germs and allergens especially dust mites.
Dust Extraction using HEPA filter vacuum to remove dust and allergens.
Apply Neem spray to prevent dust mites and other allergens from increasing.

Bathroom basin cleaning
Faucet polishing with faucet cleaners and shiners
Pot cleaning (Indian commode or Western Closet (WC))
Bathroom tile cleaning with acid-based cleaners for hard water stain removal (for marble floors, we use neutral cleaners; 100% stain removal is not guaranteed)
Bathroom exhaust cleaning
Window cleaning
Wall scrubbing (stain and mold cleaning)
Bathroom mirror cleaning

Removal of grime from the top (shelf tops and chimney pipe)
Kitchen exhaust cleaning
Kitchen chimney cleaning including baffles
Kitchen-top scrubbing, stain and grease removal
Kitchen wall scrubbing
Kitchen cabinet cleaning – inside (only if shelves have been emptied) and out
Kitchen cabinet polishing with wood cleaning and de-greasing solutions
Window mesh and channel cleaning
Kitchen floor cleaning with acid-based cleaners

Rest Room Cleaning
All Type of Floors
High Level Cleaning
Kitchen Deep Cleaning
Marble Floor Polishing
Carpet Shampooing

Kitchen Cleaning
Living Room Cleaning
Bathroom Cleaning
Garden Area Cleaning
Common Area Cleaning
Bedroom Cleaning
Balconies Cleaning
Electrical Fixtures Cleaning

Key Account Manager
Assistant Key Account Manager
Mail Room Services
Office Management
Janitorial Service
Pantry Service

Floor Treatment
Carpet Shampooing
Sofa Shampooing
Villa Cleaning
Office Space Cleaning
Deep / Spring Cleaning

General Disinfestation
Rodent Control
Home Pest Control
Flying Insects
Anti Larvae Treatment


Piping Contractor
Apartments Plumbing
Home Plumbing
Villa Plumbing
Garden Plumbing
Toilets Plumbing

Furniture Work
Bedroom Work
Kitchen Wood Work
Apartment Wood Work
Villa Wood Work
Home Wood Work


Remove cobwebs
Wash cabinets and drawers
Clean small appliances
Clean and disinfect counters
Clean oven exterior
Clean microwave
Wipe kitchen table
Clean exhaust fan
Scrub the floor with a single disc scrubbing machine


Dust light fixtures
Remove cobwebs
Wash cabinet and drawers
Clean the shower, tiles and tub
Clean the mirror and shower glass
Clean the toilet seat
Remove and clean trash
Scrub the floor with a single disc scrubbing machine


Remove Cobwebs
Dust ceiling fan
Dust furniture
Dust blinds
Dust picture frames
Wipe window sills and sashes
Scrub the floor with a single disc scrubbing machine
Remove trash


Dust ceiling fan
Dust furniture
Remove Cobwebs
Dust blinds
Clean Doors
Wipe window sills and sashes
Scrub the floor with a single disc scrubbing machine
Remove trash